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If you’re even thinking of installing security at your workplace, construction site or your home, then you need to know you have the best people on the job. Something serious or valuable is at stake, or you just wouldn’t be considering it in the first place.

But what’s the best security option to take? Of course it depends on your budget and your needs. A Threat and Risk Assessment could reveal that you simply need monitored CCTV, or even an alarm system with a rapid response back-up.

Thieves are opportunists, they look for the easy target. Once you have taken clear steps to secure your property, clear signage that shows them that you mean business can deter all but the most determined criminals. Knowing that they are under the full gaze of a CCTV operator is all it takes to scare most would-be burglars away. That still leaves the hardcore few, of course, so if you need serious protection then it’s time to step it up a notch.

If you need more advanced security then you can opt for regular patrols in marked cars that will send a clear message to the local community that your site is being watched constantly. The next level is one or more guards, constantly on duty, with full SIA licensing. You can opt for round the clock security or a guard to work during the day to greet and sign in approved guests, as well as keeping out the undesirables, which will do wonders for your public image.

Of course there are all kinds of differing needs for security. If you have a void property awaiting rental then you can deter squatters and intruders with regular inspections. You might want private security to help with everything from break-ins to antisocial behaviour and retail experts can help combat persistent thefts from the shop floor, whether it’s from your ‘customers’ or even an inside job.

City Group Managed Services are experienced in the provision of professional security services throughout a variety of industry sectors here in the UK.  From retail to healthcare and from industry to leisure, you can be sure that our security services can add serios value to your operations.

Whatever your security needs, if you’re in the north-west then contact City Group and let us take care of you.

by City Group Managed Services