Legionella Control – Changes to Legislation

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has recently revised the Approved Code of Practice. The changes surrounding Legionella control were made late last year and affect landlords and managing agents across the country.

What is Legionella?

Legionella is a bacteria usually found in water sources such as ponds and lakes. When exposed to artificial systems such as air conditioning units, the bacteria can multiply quickly. The disease is typically associated with large systems found in buildings such as hospitals and hotels, however the bacteria can also be present in smaller systems in residential dwellings. Those who come into contact with Legionella can develop what is commonly known as Legionnaires Disease which can be potentially fatal.

What do changes mean for landlords?

The most significant alteration was the removal of the 300L cap for hot and cold water systems. The change means all water systems are within scope of the ACOP revision, holding landlords and letting agents responsible for legionella control.

The primary recommendation for landlords and managing agents is to obtain what is known as a Legionella Risk Assessment. The report must be undertaken by a competent person and is designed to assess and control tenant’s exposure to Legionella bacteria.

Where to find an assessor?

It is important for landlords and managing agents to consider an assessors qualifications also their level of experience in the industry. The assessor should not only have the theoretical knowledge to conduct the assessment, but also a history of undertaking on-site inspections and generating a compliant report.

City Group Managed Services has extensive residential and commercial Legionella Risk Assessment experience. We are currently working with some of the largest letting agents in the country to provide HSE compliant assessments and reports. Our assessors are fully trained and have extensive experience in the industry. Our testing is carried out in ISO/IEC 17025 approved laboratories and certification is suitable for England/Wales building regulations and landlord regulations.

For more information and a competitive quote you can us on 0800 978 8322 or see our website http://www.citygroupmanagedservices.co.uk/legionella-risk-assessments/

by City Group Managed Services