Monitored CCTV can help deter and detect crime

Britain has one closed circuit television camera for every 14 people, the British Security Industry Authority has estimated. Altogether, there are an estimated 4.9 million CCTV cameras in this country; with that number of cameras in our towns and cities, remote CCTV monitoring is an important way for us to feel safe on our streets.

Alongside giving protection for people, and their homes, cars, and other property, CCTV can give the emergency services visual verification of what’s happening at the scene of a crime or an accident. That gives them an important edge. Police can find out if a suspect is still on the scene and whether a car crash is likely to be a serious incident, and fire services can gain valuable information from the scene of blazes before they get there.

Monitored CCTV cameras can help ensure accident scenes are secured and cleared as quickly as possible, helping to prevent major tailbacks, and giving ambulances and police vehicles easier access to incidents.

Footage from the cameras can be used in legal proceedings – it could mean the difference between the conviction or acquittal of a defendant when there are few eyewitnesses. The security industry has estimated that 95% of Scotland Yard murder cases in 2009 used CCTV footage as evidence.

CCTV cameras also provide staff in shops with important protection, and store owners are able to use footage as evidence against those who shoplift or vandalise their stock.

They are a visible deterrent against crime. They also benefit the community 24 hours a day, and can reduce security costs as a number of locations can be monitored remotely at the same time. For small businesses, this means monitored CCTV is a more affordable option than on-site security staff.

A number of monitored CCTV systems also offer intruder monitoring services alongside the cameras, to give customers maximum protection. So if you own a business, consider the far-reaching benefits of installing a CCTV monitoring system in it today.

by City Group Managed Services