Reactive Maintenance in Commercial Buildings

What is reactive maintenance?

Reactive maintenance is the response to any failure or damage to a building. It is the process or repairing or replacing the equipment to allow the building to function at its best. While some building managers will chose to carry out planned maintenance at scheduled times to minimise the effect of sudden breakdowns, others may opt to replace or repair only as and when required. Reactive maintenance generally disregards preventative scheduled works and choses to deal with an issue when it arises.

Who is responsible?

The responsibility of reactive maintenance will be outlined in tenancy agreements. Generally it is the tenant’s responsibility to attend to internal repairs, while the landlord will be responsible for external repairs. It is important to know what you are responsible for to ensure any faults or repairs required are seen to as soon as possible. In many cases, ignoring a fault will simply worsen the damage and increase repair costs.

Picking the right contactor

When selecting a contractor for reactive maintenance it is wise to take into consideration the contractor’s response time, prices and qualifications. You want someone who can attend quickly at a reasonable cost and do the works to a high standard.

a) Time – how fast can the contractor do the works?

b) Cost – is the price reasonable?

c) Qualifications & Experience – is the contractor qualified to do the works?

Building maintenance can be a busy job, and to simplify the role it can often be easier to outsource works.

City Group Managed services is a Preston based Facilities Management Company experienced in all aspects of building maintenance. We cover all bases, whether you need someone to relieve you of all those little jobs, or someone on hand within the hour when an emergency strikes, you can rely on us to be fast and efficient.

• 24/7 emergency Freephone helpline

• Experienced operatives in all aspects of building maintenance – including plumbing, electrical, joinery & fire systems

• Competitive prices • Handyman service for smaller jobs

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by City Group Managed Services