Safety, Health & Environment (SHE)

Maintaining exceptional performance through continual improvement in health, safety and environmental management is at the core of our business.

The welfare of our people, clients and sub-contractors is fundamental to our exceptional service delivery in a sustainable environment, and will never be compromised. We believe City Group’s continuing success in delivering best practice HSE management is not simply the result of a policy or an activity, but the consequence of our commitment, under-pinning behaviours and safe cultural development.

This commitment is what enables us to deliver exceptional performance year on year, whilst meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations. We operate an Integrated Management System which forms a integral part of employee induction and progressive training programmes.

Our HSE programme is readily accessible to all employees. It provides access to our integrated rules and guidance, resources, risk assessments, task sheets, training material, method statements toolbox talks and communication media.

Balancing short and long term interests and integrating economic, environmental and social considerations into all business decision-making.

As we and our clients understand more about sustainable development, we’re finding that, in fact, it offers a key to future prosperity. Exceptional quality service increasingly needs to address both clients functional needs and their concerns about the environment and social responsibility.

We are working closely with our clients to meet these needs. Our core planned maintenance service is based on ensuring that equipment is operating efficiently and for its whole lifecycle. This minimises environmental impact and reduces health and safety risks.

We’ve instigated energy and cost saving lighting projects for many of our clients. This has involved replacing and updating the lighting within buildings, introducing intelligent light control systems and replacing and updating street lighting. Monitoring and analysing results from the controls in building management systems has reduced total energy consumption.

Resulting changes to plant operational times have brought energy and cost savings to a range of clients and we are undertaking more and more major works to reduce environmental impacts.


City Group are proud to be based in and operate from Preston in Lancashire. We continuously try to improve the ways in which we contribute directly and indirectly to the general well-being of the community from which we originate.

We carefully monitor our staff population to check that our recruitment and retention policies are ensuring our staff reflects the community in which they work. We actively advertise for jobs using the local press and working within community groups to recruit local people. We offer work experience to young people wanting to get an understanding of the work environment, which spans from one day to one month and actively seek apprentices from the communities they will be working in. Many of our staff are actively involved in community projects often in partnership with our customers, which we support both financially and by offering time off work.

In addition every year in November City Group organise employee donations to the Christmas Shoebox appeal. We donate the travel fare for each box which is donated by the our employees and we also collect and deliver the boxes to the appeal.

In 2015 City Group will also be organising two summer charity days which will include the involvement of up to 30 City Group employees. The proceeds of which will be donated to two local charities namely St Catherine’s Hospice and The Space Centre. In addition, the majority of our direct cash donations go to long-term community investment projects although we also make donations in response to local needs.

Training and Development

At City Group we never loose sight of the fact that our people are biggest asset we believe improving skills benefits everyone. It means our clients benefit from a higher calibre team, our people have the opportunity to develop their careers and it also ensures that City Group maintains its reputation for quality management.

We firmly believe training is vital to our continued success and that’s why we have established our own training & development programmes. We have devised industry and role-specific training modules which have been born out of the experience and skills that we have developed directly in the field. From our initial induction to Customer Service, Communications, Health & Safety and Operational Excellence.

Development Programme

We are really proud of the quality of the training programmes we offer, and the performance our employees deliver as a result. We believe that every member of City Group is talented – our job is to identify those talents, and develop the right development plan to nurture them and help them grow. We also go out of our way to ensure our employees are outstanding. When they go out of their way to deliver outstanding service, we have a comprehensive incentive scheme to ensure they receive a fitting reward and recognition for their efforts.

We don’t just meet industry standards; we exceed them.

And we do that by ensuring all our employees are educated, fully trained and informed of their responsibilities and that our comprehensive quality policy is implemented at all levels. We have built our success on the skills and abilities of our people, which is why we invest so much time and money in skills training We want everyone who works for us to fulfil their full potential, and take their career with us as far as they can.