Combining Your Security and Cleaning Services Provider Has Many Clear Advantages

In our experience, two combined services are better than one. Such as the combination of City Group’s two core disciplines Cleaning and Security.

Consolidating Cleaning & Security Services Preston brings immediate cost savings as well as a whole host of other benefits. Both services are usually managed by separate managers and supervisors however you have two teams working in close partnership. Improved communication between the two means the services are streamlined with integrated monthly management meetings and a consistent and fully coordinated approach.

It encourages the multi discipline skills of key personnel throughout both services which makes an additional level of resource available at no additional cost.

the Dual Service of Cleaning & Security Preston from City Group brings a number of practical advantages.

With no barriers between two services knowledge can be shared,

A “one team’ ethos developed. A combined service means you can expect faster, more flexible and responsive support to any incidents, or for special events.

It simplifies basic aspects of the service such as spillage management, incident reporting and much more.

City Group’s combined cleaning & security services Preston also brings proven economies of scale across the two services, with simpler cost management and budgeting.

An increasing number of clients are choosing the City Group dual service and with City Group’s expertise behind both Cleaning & Security in Preston, they’re benefiting from the considerable advantages it can bring.

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