Why you should outsource your winter gritting to an approved contractor.

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Many companies attempt to take on the task of gritting their own premises themselves until it becomes clear that it may not be as simple as first thought. Here is five great reasons why you should always outsource winter gritting to an approved contractor.

Value for money

When businesses consider the prospect of taking there winter gritting services inhouse they tend to underestimate the costs. They often overlook the cost of materials, training staff to ensure they carry out the gritting correctly covering all essential areas and equipment, which includes the added cost of servicing and maintain the equipment. Taking all these factors into account it is much more cost effective to outsource and pay a flat fee per a visit for an external company to provide these services.

Weather forecasting tools

Are you too busy to be continually checking the weather forecast throughout the winter months to decide if you will have to enrol one of your employees to be out in the morning with bags of grit? Or did you check the forecast in the morning, only for it to have changed throughout the day leaving icy dangerous conditions in the workplace. Gritting contractors have the latest road surface temperature forecasting systems. These tools are only available via subscription, they provide the most accurate readings and require experienced operators to interpret the data.

There when you need them

Contractors will assess and monitor the prevailing weather conditions 24/7 during the winter months so they can offer automatic, surface temperature-activated gritting and there is no need to call or chase. This is perfect for those days where would have been too busy, out of office or simply forgot the check the forecast.

Risk management – protect your business from injury claims

When the cold weather hits and surfaces become icy, there is always the risk that a client or employee to fall and injure themselves. When you do the winter gritting inhouse and the assigned employee forgets to put the grit out one cold icy morning, you can be certain an injury claim will be coming your way. When you use an external contractor to carry out the gritting this transfers the risk and they can provide you with the data and documentation that prove you did everything you could do to avoid an accident. We provide you with a comprehensive service policy which ensures you HSE compliance.

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